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Welcome Charlette to the Team!

Sarah J. Bradley, MS, LMFT

May 30, 2023

Join me in welcoming a new member to the Hope Grows team!

I hope that you're looking forward to summer and a little bit of sunshine and self-care! I'm excited to announce that I will be welcoming a practicum student on board this summer! 

Charlette Owenby Wilson teaches at Eclectic Elementary School, and is currently attending the University of West Alabama to earn a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is a native of Eclectic, a resident of Wetumpka, and a mom to two grown daughters. She just completed her 21st year of teaching and is excited about her opportunity to work with Hope Grows to learn and grow as a counselor. She loves cruising, photography, family, beaches, and reading. The desire to help a person become the best version of themselves is one that Charlette holds for family, friends, and clients.  

Her practicum is her introduction to therapy and will consist mostly of her observing me as I engage in therapy with you, either online or in-person. After she completes her practicum at the end of the summer, she will progress to her internship, where she will begin conducting therapy with clients of her own. Charlette's time at Hope Grows Therapy will begin May 31st.

All current and prospective clients have the right to refuse her observation of their treatment at any time without affecting their ability to receive treatment.

I am excited to walk with another through the process of learning and growth that I myself experienced. I am very grateful to all those clients who showed me grace during my own years of learning and licensure - I'm a better therapist now because of those lessons. 

Take care of yourselves, y'all.



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