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For Businesses

Conflict in the workplace? Need some good strategies for coping with stress? For that and more, you've come to the right place.

For Businesses


Is your organization in crisis? Employee conflict, mental health, structural issues, stress and more can hinder or even damage the productivity of a workplace. Hope Grows offers a variety of services designed to help businesses thrive by helping employers invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees. Because each business is unique, I offer customizable packages designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Level 1:
1 hour consultation prior to event

2 hour presentation, including education, activities, and exercises
2 hours of individualized management or employee consultations

Level 2:
1 hour consultation prior to event

I offer:

Team building exercises
Communication skills workshops
Mental health seminars
Boundaries exercises
Date nights
and more

Workshops: Are you hearing the same hurts from your people again and again? Workshops are a great opportunity to educate while letting people know that they aren't alone. Topics include:

Coping with Addiction
Anxiety & Depression
Coping Skills
and more

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